Singer/songwriter FRANCO BATTIATO


Franco Battiato, the great Franco Battiato, was born on 3/23/1945 in Riposto when Riposto … did not appear on maps. The biographies in fact show Jonia as the birthplace, which we would look for in vain on today’s maps. Jonia or Riposto then? The arcane is soon revealed. In November 1939 a law decree established that of two communes, Riposto and Giarre (geographically adjacent but at the same time sometimes divergent cities) established only one, named first, without putting too much strain on the imagination, Giarre-Riposto and then, starting from May 1942 Jonia. The merger, combined with empire, immediately turned out to be a failed marriage that, as such, inevitably ended in divorce. Thus, in November 1945, the municipality of Jonia was suppressed and from its remains came back with their old names Riposto and Giarre, finally now happily separated. But in the meantime, Franco Battiato had already been born eight months earlier. Administratively in Jonia, but in Riposto for geography.